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Are All Diffused Aeration
Systems Alike?

A diffused aeration system at work . . .

Although diffused aeration systems operate on common principles, the solutions engineered by General Environmental Systems yield superior results, thanks in part to these four factors:
Custom Design
As we address the specific characteristics and needs of your water body, the system we design for you will be unlike any other. This eliminates negative responses (like increased algae growth) that are common with undersized "off the shelf" systems that aren't appropriately engineered to impact enough of the water body.
Outstanding Quality and Longevity
Individualized diffuser lines, with specific tubing diameters and orifice patterns, are chosen for each application. Constructed of high-density polyethylene tubing and joined by butt-fusion welding when necessary, General Environmental Systems' products are designed to last.
Unique Suspension
To minimize the disturbance of loose sediment and to prevent the system from becoming buried during non-operating periods, our diffused aeration systems are uniquely suspended above the bottom sediment.
Simple and Inexpensive Maintenance
To facilitate deployment and routine maintenance, we incorporate a buoyancy system into our diffused aerators. A simple turn of a valve brings the lines to the surface, elimating the expensive of scuba divers or extra manpower.

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